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The Art Before The Art: Sketchbook Show

Art@The Six is a series of virtual art exhibitions created for The Six Social House 
by artist Sarah Stone @sarahstoneart. All included artworks and bio photos are 
© the participating artists, 2017-2018. Contact the artists at the links provided
to use their images or purchase their artworks. See the exhibit here:

Hung Viet Nguyen's sketches of nature, biology and imaginary landscapes become colorful, complex and textural oil paintings. Find Hung on IG @hung_viet_nguyen &

Trine Churchill's paintings are dream landscapes, moments stopped in time, suggesting a narrative of memory and mystery. Her journal drawings are the inspirations for her paintings. Find Trine on IG @trinechurchillart and at

Bibi Davidson's recurring character ‘the girl in the red dress’ is her alter-ego, symbolizing personal challenges and unsettling realities of her childhood. Find Bibi: @bibidavidson &

Scott Trimble creates intimate and emotional narratives with bold lines and colors. He sketches with sharpies, white-out and highlighter pens. Find Scott @trimble.scott.a &

Karim Shuquem began his artistic career as a performer in Circus Ridickuless, & front man for post-punk band, The Phantom Limbs. The artworks he creates from his sketches can be seen at LAST Projects Gallery in Hollywood and Electric Lodge in Venice. @karim.shuquem &

Sarah Stone is a mythic-narrative painter who gets her inspirations from travels, music, poetry and dreams. She is also the creator/curator of Art@TheSix. Find her @sarahstoneart &

Reginald Van Langenhoveis a Belgian portrait artist who now lives in Los Angeles. His sketches capture the movement and intent of his subjects with a few deft strokes of his paintbrush. Find him IG @reginaldvanlangenhove Twitter @VanLangehoveR &

Heather Lowe creates stereographic optical art called Lenticulars, blending separate images which appear to move when you shift your position. Her sketches are layouts for the kinetic compositions of her finished artworks. @h15h15 &

Preston Craig was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana and currently lives in Topanga. His enjoyment of detail, realism and personalities is evident in his carefully composed drawings. @twistedteddys &

Glenn Waggner grew up surfing, skateboarding and sketching in the beach communities of SoCal. His sketches are the basis for his often humorous paintings. Find him @glennwaggner &